Hear me O Lord, Hear me as I cry to You within these walls of my
imprisonment, whom they took my Gospel, my robes, and my panagia along
with my cross.

I walk ashamed without any proper attire as Your loving Hierarch, as they
took all my processions.

They cannot take my love for You, or my prayers before You, or my great
love for the Holy Orthodox Church!

I am Your servant who believes in You, and the Holy Orthodox Faith we all
Humbly I stand almost alone without any further visitors to bring me Your
Holy Mysteries.

I sadly am deprived of this great loving blessing too… how I cry within
for to be graced with Your great and Holy Mysteries.

No one is allowed to come and pray with me, although I am graced with the
presence of my precious and beloved Mother.

I hear the prayers of those who love our Church from far distance in
appealing for my release and safety.

These cries and humble appeals go unnoticed at this hour, not one word of
truth has been understood, and more unkind words have been said about me a poor sinner.
Day by day my imprisonment goes onward, hour by hour I stand not alone!
Your presence, and with Your great blessing, I have accepted Your will and
Your guidance.

I have not lost this precious and humbled love or have neglected my humble
prayers or have neglected my humble prayers before You!
For those whom do not love me, I offer my loving prayers for all!
I pray for my flock and my spiritual children entrusted to me, and send
them assurance that we keep faith, and to love all!
I stand not alone within these walls but with Your grace and peace, and
the light of your blessings shine within me, as well as surround me with
much joy!

Hear me my Lord, watch over all with Your Right Hand and bless all! Your
will is my joy!

May Your great grace and love be with all!

And may the Mother of God protect all!

Have mercy on me my Lord and help me to do Your work in Your Vineyard.


+Very Reverend Archimandrite Nektarios (Serfes)

Parish priest of Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church
& President of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund USA



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