The renewal of spiritual life in monastery Krka, an ecclesiastical centre of the Dalmatian Diocese began after 1995, the year in which Orthodox Serbs went through a great tragedy and survived unremembered persecution as well as exodus from Dalmatia, where they lived for centuries.

Gathering of Krka’s brotherhood have begun in 1998, when hieromonk Gerasim (Popovic) and monk Dositej (Jovic) returned to the monastery. In spite of very difficult conditions, their arrival to the monastery managed to subsist and revive the spiritual life in this region.

Namely, the interior of this sanctuary was completely devastated; its library and the archive thoroughly destroyed.

In 1999, by the election of a new Bishop for Dalmatia, His Grace Fotije, the reconstruction of the monastery was intensified and the brotherhood got their Abbot Fr. Gerasim; who was, in 2004 elected Bishop for the Gornjokarlovacka Diocese. Afterwards, archimandrite German (Bogojevic) took the duty of the abbot.

The great significance in the life of Krka monastery has the Seminary of the Holy Three Hierarchs. To be more precise, in 2001 the Seminary restarted its work, meaning its spiritual and educational mission, as in Dalmatia, so as in the whole Serbian Orthodox Church.

Nowadays, the Seminary of the Holy Three Hierarchs attends about 50 boys, who will, by God’s help, be new preachers of the Gospel of Christ; and together with monastery Krka and their school, will be the guardians of the Holy Orthodoxy in our age.











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