Monastery Dragović is situated on a hill downstream the Cetina River not far from the place called Vrlika. The present monastery building is the third one placed on the third locality.

The Serbs from Bosnia, who ran away from Turks to the territory of the Cetinska krajina, erected the first monastery building in 1395.

          In 1777, hieromonk from monastery Dragović, Vikentije (Stojisavljević) began to build the new monastery in the place  called Vinogradi. The building was continued in 1846, during the period of prior Jerotej Kovačević and was completed as well as consecrated  in 1867.

          In 1959, when the artifical lake for the hydroelectric power station Peruča had been made, monastery Dragović was moved on a hill not far from the old fortress called Gradina.

          Monastery Dragović was often ruined by Turks. In its long history, they ruined and robbed the monastery six times up to the year 1699. In 1585, five monks from this monastery ran away to Hungary where they founded monastery Grabovac. In 1619, ten monks from monastery Dragović joined  their brother monk in monastery Grabovac.

          After all these events, monastery Dragović had been deserted for more than 70 years and Bishop Nikodim (Busović) renewed it in 1694.

          Monastery Dragović used to have a rich treasury, in which was kept a number of manuscripts from 16th-18th centuries, as well as very old books written in Greek, Latin, Italian, Russian, and Serbian. There were also very rare antimens, among which was one made by H. Zefarović dating from 1752.  A great number of sacral objects mainly made in silver granulation and filigree from 18th century were also a part of this rich treasury.

          In the monastery’s church, a part of Saint Gregory’s relics was kept - Saint Gregory was a Serbian enlighter and Archibishop who was a descendant of Saint Nemanjić family.

          In the last decade of the 20th century, the time when Serbs went through new great sufferings, monastery Dragović was devastated and ruined again.

          Being aware of the great significance this sanctuary has for the Orthodox Serbs, His Grace Bishop Fotije of Dalmatia gives a blessing to priest Đorđe Knežević to start with the reconstruction of this monastery.

          In autumn 2004, basic conditions have been achieved for the return of monks. Thus with the decree of Bishop Fotije, on the 15th of September 2004 monastery Dragović gets a new brotherhood, and hieromonk Varsonufije (Rašković) has been appointed their Father Superior.

          On the same day due to the feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos, the first Holy Hierarchal Liturgy was served in the reconstructed monastery’s church.

          On that occasion, a great number of pilgrims visited this holy place and in his sermon Bishop Fotije emphasized how grand importance this monastery has for Orthodox Serbs of the Cetinska Krajina. He also pointed out that the reconstruction of monastery Dragović is a great blessing of the Holy Trinity and Most Venerable Mother of God.

          In this way, the tradition of gathering of Orthodox Serbs in this monastery has been established again. This assembly occurs every year on Sunday before the feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos.





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