Monastery Krka was founded in the 14th century and it is dedicated to St. Archangel Michael. In 1345, this monastery was mentioned for the first time as the endowment of princess Jelena Subic, the wife of prince of Skradin and Bribir. Under the main monastery church, there are old Roman catacombs, which represent significant evidence that St. Apostle Paul preached Christianity in this region.
The church of monastery Krka was built in several stages. The oldest part of the church is priprata the entrance part.
Monastery Krka was devastated and burned during the wars between Turks and Venetians.
After these wars, the monastery was renewed and the altar in a present-day form was built in the eight decade of the 18th century. The iconostasis was made of composite icons. Main icons are works of an unknown Venetio-Cretian artist; and the upper part of the iconostasis consists of icons brought from Russia during the 17th century.
 Monastery Krka has always been spiritual and educational centre of Dalmatian Diocese. Throughout its long history, this monastery gave many archibishops and sheperds of the Serbian Orthodox Church. In 1615, Theodore, Dabrobosnian Metropolitan, founded the first organized theological school in the Serbian Church.
Except the main church, there is a small chapel of St, Sava, which was built by Dalmatian Bishop Stefan Kne
ević. In 1890, Bishop Stefan died and he was buried in this chapel.
Besides that, monastery Krka has a very rich treasury and two libraries.
Also, in 2001 the reconstructed Semminary Holy Three Hierarchs, again started with its work.   





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